Q. Please tell me how to purchase the camera.
A. You can order it from the special website. Please note that you cannot order the product from camera stores or the Ricoh Imaging Square store.
Q. When will you be delivering the camera?
A. We have begun delivering in order of purchase for the first 3,939 camera units (containing the serial number printed dog tag key holder). Cameras ordered after this will be delivered around the middle of December.
* We may require more time to ship the cameras depending on the order status.
Q. Will you be selling just the special goods (ABITAX special case, dog tag key holders)?
A. We have no plan to do so.


Q. Please tell me about the operating environment for RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU.
・iOS Recommended operating environment

iOS9 ~ iOS11.1.2
iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone X/iPhone SE/iPad Air 2/iPad mini 4
* Support cannot be provided on devices other than above. Using this app with non-supported devices is at users own discretion and risk.

・Android Recommended operating environment
Android OS 5.0 - 9.0
* Operation is not guaranteed on all devices.
* Operation is confirmed on these devices as of August 2019.

■ Support end date end of August 2019
For more informationclick here
Q. I already have RICOH THETA SC. Can I use RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU to edit images taken with the SC?
A. No, it's not possible.
You can only use it with still images shot by RICOH THETA SC  Type HATSUNE MIKU.
Q. Can I edit video using RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU?
A. No, it's not possible.
You can only use it with still images.

Other questions

Q. Please tell me how to use the camera and give details on this product.
A. Go here for inquiries.
US: https://theta360.com/en/support/contact/
UK: https://theta360.com/uk/support/contact/
FR: https://theta360.com/fr/support/contact/
DE: https://theta360.com/de/support/contact/
Please refer to this for product features shared with the RICOH THETA SC.
Q. In what countries is the RICOH THETA SC  Type HATSUNE MIKU available for purchase?
A. Japan