I hear that THETA MIKU app has been updated!?

If you noticed, it is now fully autumn. This is employee sal.
About a week has passed since MIKU THETA camera started shipping and the amount of artistic work with #miku360 hashtag on Twitter has markedly increased allowing me to take a look at everyone’s unique work. It’s so fun recently to see your work and say to myself “Oh, I didn’t know such a cute way of expression existed!”

【theta360.com MIKU THETA images #miku360 list】

Now then, it’s listed in the NEWS but the THETA MIKU app has actually been updated to V1.39.0.
(Both the iOS and Android versions have been released)
So, why is it V1.39.0? There’s no need for me to write about that, right?

Well, I’d like to introduce you how useful this update has made things and how it increases the amount of expression you can have in your artistic work.

●Added characters! More poses!
Winter follows autumn. Snow Miku is for winter, right? That’s why Snow Miku has been added. 55 different poses have also been added.
You can now have Miku sitting on a chair, swimming and jumping.
I think these additions can accommodate everyone’s expansive imagination (or fantasy).
The world view of artistic work will increase all at once!

●Freedom to face Miku in any direction!
Until now, there were times when Miku could not be rotated to face a direction you wanted.
However, it is now possible to have Miku face any direction with her remaining in the same pose.
This means the directions that Miku can be rotated has increased.

(The reason that Miku looks bigger in V1.39.0 is just because we have increased her size to make the explanation easier to understand.
This does not mean she has been enlarged in the update. Sorry.)

●You can concentrate on producing your work!
Until now, a single icon was used to switch between operations for changing the size, moving and rotating Miku. There were times when after moving the background, you would want to move Miku but would instead rotate her by accident resulting in you having to correct this mistake.
There are now 2 icons and their design has also changed to easily see their function. Simply touch each of the icons when you want to move or rotate Miku. You can so easily and intuitively do what you want to do!
This will allow you to concentrate on creating your work.

(Miku appears big in V1.39.0 but it’s just coincidence. Don’t worry about it.)

●It’s also easy to edit masks and blurred images!
Mask editing is essential for artistic work that shows Miku slightly hidden by objects.
Previously, when you wanted to correct the mask range, you had to reset everything and then specify the mask range from the beginning.
It was nerve-wracking work producing something because you had to start over if you made a mistake in setting the mask range.
This is why we have split mask editing into 2 modes, a mode that specifies the mask range and a mode that corrects the mask range.
If your mask is slightly too big, you can just correct it a little!
Also, many people want to move the background while editing the mask so we have added an icon that will quickly allow you to do this when you need it!

This method is the same as for when blurring images.
These changes will allow you to create a mask until your heart’s content!

(Miku somehow appears big in V1.39.0.. She’s so cute, isn’t she!)

●You can produce an image with Miku even if you don’t have MIKU THETA !
This app can only edit 360-degree images shot using MIKU THETA.
Without MIKU THETA, you could only enjoy looking at 3D models of Miku with the app installed on your smartphone…
So we made it possible to install a trial 360-degree image that can be edited on your smartphone from the app.
After installing the app, you will be asked whether you want to install the sample image at the TOP menu screen when first launching the app.
Tap “Yes” to install the sample image onto your smartphone.
After doing so, tap “Edit image” at the TOP menu screen, select the sample image and have fun freely editing the image!

(After installing the sample image, Miku smiles and looks this way. She’s so cute!)
*The sample image can also be installed with the updated app.

This is the sample image.

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

*The sample image was shot inside the “Asakusa Kingyo” store located in Asakusa. We would like to thank the store for allowing us to shoot this image.

If you have deleted the image and want to install it again, you can download it from this blog article.

For those of you who are still hesitant about whether to buy MIKU THETA, if you love Miku, you should definitely install the app.
It’s so fun!

This app allows you to enjoy 360-degree images with Miku.
This update expands the range of your artistic work and allows you to concentrate even more on producing it. It’s so much fun to shoot lots of 360-degree images with MIKU THETA, create lots of artistic work with this app and share them with everyone.

I will be sharing my own work with #miku360 hashtag.
Thank you everyone and enjoy MIKU THETA!

Download the app here.

(Employee sal)