theta360.com “MIKU THETA image list display function” has been released!!

Hi, everyone, it’s been a little while! This is Lemon!

I’m so impressed after seeing so many photos of Miku together at hashtag #miku360(;△;)
Please keep on enjoying your life together with Miku!! Also, be sure to share any photos that you can and show them off to people around you!

Today, I’d like to tell you about something we have set up that you can now use to gather together all your photos in one place that you went to the trouble of tagging.
This applies to images posted after noon today.

【theta360.com MIKU THETA hashtag (#miku360) image list display function】
Click here to display the list.

I would like to introduce the following points in this blog. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but could you please check such things as settings for your photos if you think it necessary.

1.When you want to show your images in the image list
2.When you don’t want to show your images in the image list

1.When you want to show your images in the image list

  • Be sure to include “#miku360” hashtag in your comment when posting
  • Set Privacy Settings for the image to “Public”

About how to include the hashtag in your comment when posting

When posting from the THETA basic app, enter “#miku360”. There will be no problems as long as you ensure it can be recognized as a hashtag. It is also OK to place a space in front and after if you are unsure!

About how to set it to “Public”

Set Privacy Settings to “Public” when posting.

This is how everything should look on the screen.

You can change the settings and where to share it later on. Below shows how to change the settings.

Checking and changing the settings on a computer

Checking and changing the settings on a smartphone

2.When you don’t want to show your images in the image list

Your image will not be included in the list if the actions described in part 1 are not performed. Try one of the following.

  • Set Privacy Settings to “Unlisted”
  • Do not add hashtag “#miku360”

When posting as private, the Privacy Settings items should be set to Unlisted.
Everything will be OK as long as the settings are as shown on the screen below.

Privacy Settings are also updated on the display of your image list page.
When you want to view your images together or show them, please definitely check your image list page!
By the way, those people who want to keep their image list private can also select to hide the image list in their profile.

Finally, those people who are interested in photos of Mikudayo used in screenshots should look below! I went to visit the joint project between “Hatsune Miku and Osamu Tezuka exhibition” held at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka City. This is a commemorative photo I took.

Well that’s all for today!!