The entire review!

Hello everyone. This is Lemon! I am glad to see in #miku360 tweets that many of you are looking at the blog each day! Thank you!
Employee sal is completely enthralled by Miku. His example from the other day is worth seeing. Did you check it out? If you haven’t, you really should take a look here!
Also, next week is finally Miku’s birthday and the week of Magical Mirai 2017. More than being nervous…I’m also excited and I can’t get rid of the feeling! We are finally at the final stage of preparing for “RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU”.

Well, we’ve talked about various information from time to time, and today I will review and summarize the information!

IMPORTANT! To those people who are considering purchasing “RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU”!
Thank you very much! (* >ヮ<) There are 2 ways you can purchase it.

[Method 1] If you come to the Magical Mirai event
There will be a pre-sale limited to 39 cameras per day at the Ricoh booth. So, please come and visit us at the venue. You will need a ticket to enter the venue. Please check out the official Magical Mirai website for details.
As only a limited number of cameras will be sold, we would like to apologize if the camera is sold out. We will prepare the latest information so that we can let you know on our website.

Please take another look at Momopon’s blog entry about important points concerning the Magical Mirai event.

[Method 2] To all people who will not be coming to the event
This is probably most of you! A link to a page where you can order the camera will be shown on this website from noon on September 1, 2017 (JST).
The dog tag key holder printed with a serial number will be given to the first 3,939 people so be sure to place your order as soon as possible.

Also, just a quick reply to some things I saw in #miku360 tweets and such!

How did you get Miku to appear behind the sunflowers? Did the camera automatically detect the sunflowers’ position and hide Miku behind them?
>It’s not automatic. It was done manually using a masking function! Check out Employee sal’s blog entry to see how it was done ♪

The idea of going to the ocean with the camera in a waterproof case
>Fantastic idea!! You must try this! I think those people who intend to try various ways of using the camera can expand the range of how the camera is used if they use Ricoh genuine accessories. I will share this idea with everyone( >ヮ<)b
Please take a look here for Ricoh genuine accessories. Also, for the case’s waterproof performance and usage scenes, have a look at the linked page.

For those people who are agonizing over whether to purchase the camera! Have a look and enjoy the interview article that may be of some use to make up your mind before the day the camera goes on sale.

External interview article: Hatsune Miku is an angel that even now stimulates creators — Asking the “Mikuture” developer about their passion for the THETA MIKU app (from PANORA, in Japanese only)

INTERVIEW 02 Passion for THETA Design

INTERVIEW 03 Passion for ABITAX Special Case

We intend to continue updating information next week and on the day of the Magical Mirai event!
By all means, please keep checking in on this blog ♪