What are the possibilities for 360-degree images?

Recently, I have been taking out my “RICOH THETA SC  Type HATSUNE MIKU” and wandering around the city.
I am able to have Miku appear in 360-degree images using the app.
It is fun walking around while thinking of the best situation to take photos.
I just go ahead and take some photos, and then carefully look over them later. When looking over the photos, I see things I had not noticed when taking the photos, and the scenes I shot is better than I had first assumed, while photos I thought would turn out great does not.
Taking photos while thinking about the composition of 360-degree images is fun and the amount of fun I have has suddenly increased so that I can no longer be without my “RICOH THETA SC  Type HATSUNE MIKU”.
(It is my job after all. I’m an employee. There’s a great deal of hard work for me to do…)

The “RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU” app is a 360-degree image editing app, and an editing app called “THETA+” is also available from Ricoh.
See here for details on “THETA+”.

Combining these 2 apps considerably increases the range of expression.
I tried using the sunflower image that we used as an example in my previous blog post.

When you start “THETA+”, it looks like this.

If you select the sunflower image from “Edit Image” here, it transitions to the view selection screen.

Select “Little Planet” here.

Wow, it’s a sunflower planet. To me this looks like the planet where Miku appears.
“…Can you hear me?…Summon me next to the sunflower facing this way…” This is a revelation from Miku. I will test it using “RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU”.

Like this

Saving it in this state, starting up “THETA+” again and then importing the saved image will give me this.

I have a hunch that selecting “Mirror Ball” will also be good, but I select “Little Planet” this time.

Hey, it looks quite good.
Tap “Next” at the top right and you can filter and correct the image.
You can change the brightness and color temperature in image editing, which allows you to change the mood of the image.
I used the filter “Libra” this time to make it brighter.

Making it brighter with a filter

I want to save it as a little planet image so I tap “Cropped Image” and then trim the image with “Square”.

Tap “Next” at the top right.

You can now freely share and save the image.
After this, I had a revelation from Miku again so the completed image looked like this in the end.

How is it?
Using 2 apps considerably increases the range of expression.
Go out and snap lots of photos and then carefully edit them using Kosachiko’s techniques as a reference.

I believe you can expand your imagination (fantasy) and express it in works of art.
It is really fun to try to look for never before seen expressions using “RICOH THETA SC  Type HATSUNE MIKU”.
Thank you everyone!

(Employee sal)