Taking a look at the app features!

I am happy that it’s a good time in which everyone is becoming excited about the major update on the 15th. Hello, this is Lemon.
I’ve read many #miku360 tweets from those who have come to a decision about the product, those who are secretly observing with curiosity, and those who have advertising ideas that seem good…thank you very much (*>ヮ<). Our entire team will do its best to promote the various considerations such as whether we can put to use your opinions that you went to the trouble to share with us!

Now then, let’s talk about the app for which the information ban was slowly lifted on the 15th. Currently, the app is scheduled to be released along with the Magical Mirai event.
You should check with Employee sal’s blog entry for details on what you can do with the app.

Also…I believe that some of you may already know this but an interview with Mr. Sorasu Aoki, the developer of the “RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU” app was released yesterday by Mr. Hirota, chief editor at “PANORA”, a VR and panorama photography dedicated website!! Please go check it out!
>> Hatsune Miku is an angel that even now stimulates creators ── Asking the “Mikuture” developer about their passion for the THETA MIKU app (in Japanese only)
You can glimpse a part of the journey until the dedicated app is complete.

Simply just giving you the link and leaving it at that will look like I have not done any work so I am going to summarize my favorite points about the dedicated app!
Personally, the first point you should check is the startup screen.

The first thing that got me excited was “Mamama Appearance Miku” appearing on the startup screen…! However, this excitement cannot be conveyed by a still image alone.
The startup screen can be viewed even if you don’t have the “RICOH THETA SC  Type HATSUNE MIKU” so download the app and please check out the startup screen! Although, as expected, the rest of the app is really nice so you really should order the camera. (;>へ<)

And the editing, we didn’t really touch on editing in the blog entry from the other day but one of the points that everyone seemed to be interested in is… Yes, you guessed it, stamps!!!

You can repeatedly stick lots of stamps in the image ♪
We’ve had rain all this week so have not been able to move ahead with shooting additional photos. That’s why I’ve made use of the sunflowers photo that was previously used for the sample.
I placed stamps over sunflowers that represent the faces of people. You can, of course, change the size and rotate them to fit the size of a face.

You will come to see that when you shoot spherical images, traveling strangers will appear in the photo looking at the camera from unexpected locations and also your own face may appear in the shot but you might be a little shy…this is something that occurs much more than with typical photographs. That’s when you use stamps! We have prepared stamps of “Hachune Miku” face drawn by Ontama so please use them.

Well, that’s all for today. Stay tuned for new information!

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