An app dedicated to the 360-degree camera RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU was greatly updated! Users who do not have RICOH THETA SC  Type HATSUNE MIKU can try it, too!

In order that users can have more fun and feel comfortable, we have released “RICOH THETA  Type HATSUNE MIKU ver.1.39.0”, an update of the Hatsune Miku-dedicated application.

Major updates are as follows:

  • “Snow Miku” costumes have been added, so that users can enjoy 360-degree images that make them feel warm in the upcoming cold season!
  • 24 poses of Hatsune Miku have grown to 55 poses at a stroke to respond to various situations!
  • The degree of freedom in arranging 3D models has been enhanced, so that users can create more scenes than before!
  • The user interface has been improved, so that it has become more user-friendly with intuitive operations!
  • Fully editable sample 360-degree images have been provided for the standard installation.

Even though users do not have the Hatsune Miku edition of RICOH THETA SC 360-degree camera at hand, they can experience wonderful 360-degree image editing featuring Hatsune Miku by using these sample images.

* This version is available on Android and iOS.
* Please download/update the app here.